Vol. 4 - Valley Low, Mountain High

[My goal is to produce these "music letters" to develop my skills. It gives me a chance to practice designing layout. Feedback is welcome!]


[ Genre: Gospel, Hip-Hop ]

I find myself in situations outside of the locus of my control. Quite often as of late. 

In fact, most of 2017 has been like a riptide. It was through these series of events that I found my faith again after three years of unbelief.


Through my lows and my highs, I turn to my faith for strength and direction.

I chose these songs to help me through the week, as I wait for a decision to be made Monday, Oct. 23.

Valley Low

Songs to call out for help. Songs to find strength.


I love this song because it is as much a declaration of love to God as it is to one's community.

It is a reminder that the Kingdom's work is both intra- and interpersonal.

Take this moment to think about the people in your life.

Also, ask yourself.

Are you holding people to a higher bar than you hold yourself? Are you hurting others with words from your mouth?


A song that helps me to combat my many anxieties and fears.

“ I remember a sermon that King gave, where he spoke about his fear when it became known to him that people were out to get him, when his house was going to be bombed. And he wondered how he could face up to this kind of tragedy, this kind of threat of his own death.

And he writes that it was the presence of God that came to him one night that enabled him to bear with the bombing that did, in fact, come.

So it wasn’t that God had colluded in that bombing, that God had given permission to the bomber, that God was supervising things and, as it were, folding God’s hands and allowing the bombing to happen. King did not pronounce on these mysteries of divine providence.

What he did do was testify to God’s presence in his life as a source of hope and courage. And I think Heschel’s attitude toward providence was very, very similar. ”


Sometimes circumstances can become suffocating.  

Maybe it's a deadline, or a bill. There seems to be no rest. 

“ Clock on the wall keeps ticking tocking.

No stopping and somebody's knocking on my door telling me to go ”

Lay down your burdens by the riverside. Find your rest in Christ.



I sing this song to prepare myself before I go out into the world. AKA in the shower.

It's such a simple song. A song for more songs , a prayer for more prayers. 

Rain down on me.

Mountain High

Songs to declare. Songs for joyful times.


Simply great. So great.

Blessed with friends like these.

Blessed with friends like these.

Oh man I remember going to Magnificent Coloring Day thanks to Karen Gwee (Gwee.zus) and Bethany Ao (the human pug). 

Towards the end, Chance starting singing this song. He recited to the crowd.

"Did you know, your blessings aren't in a song. But they are coming?

Did you know, your blessings aren't at a concert. But they are coming?"

So are you ready? I know I am. 


Hands down my favorite song from Coloring Book. It just fills me with joy. 

I hum it in the shower. I hum it in the streets. I hum it when I'm sad. I hum it when I'm happy.


I think the real meat of the song is in Drown. The lyrics reflect our inevitable doubts and fears. 

I often find myself like Peter, who sank into the sea after succumbing to his fears of the waves.

I hope to one day have a faith that is not shaken by the waves. 


Noname slays it in Drown. 

" Like everything is everything
Like all them days He prayed with me

Like emptiness was tamed in me

And all that was left was His love
And all that was left was His love
And all that was left was His love
And all that was left was His love "

Bonus Track


This song automatically puts a smile to my mouth.

I listen to it on repeat when it was finals season. I find these lines especially relevant during those sleepless nights:

"Though the sorrow may last for the night, joy comes in the morning"

Coffee for the soul. Wake up! Joy is here.

I love the ending. 

"Glory glory! Hallelujah! Since I laid, my burdens down!"


Samuel Park