Vol. 2 - Lone

[My goal is to produce these "music letters" to develop my skills. It gives me a chance to practice designing layouts and use Anchor for producing audio. Feedback is welcome!]


Mark-off an hour in your day and spend it alone. I won't talk much I promise!


Maybe you had a long day. Maybe you've exhausted your social battery and need to recharge. Spend 30-minutes with these songs to blank out and unwind.


There is that pesky truth that anxieties and self-doubt can multiply when fed with silence and an abundance of time.

- Erin Rooney Doland


Songs for when you're feeling the worst kind of solitude. Songs of yearning and inner turmoil.


Rest in Peace Charles Bradley. I hope that you've met with your mother in heaven.

“ Bradley uses his face and hands to silently act out a vast grief, one at which the plain-spoken lyrics, originally written about the Sabbath drummer Bill Ward's breakup with his first wife, only hint.

Bradley conceived his version while comforting and reconciling with his dying mother, but even if you didn't know that, his pantomime would still rip you up.

- Charles Aaron

Samuel Park